Crab Towkay is one of the leading prawn supplier in Singapore, with multiple sources of prawns, Crab Towkay imports seafood daily, ensuring the highest quality and freshest seafood and prawns everyday.

Crab Towkay has focus in tiger prawns supplies singapore and white prawns and these prawns comes in frozen or live manners.

White prawns can reach up to 23 cm and their body is translucent white, thus the common name “white shrimp”. The raw meat is white but turns whitish pink when cooked.

The giant tiger prawn or Asian tiger shrimp , is a marine crustacean that is widely reared for food. Tiger prawns are very popular here in Singapore , tiger prawns are part of menus in major restaurants in Singapore and their prices can go to quite an amount

If you are looking for a trusted prawn supplier for your business needs, you have found the correct vendor to work with. Crab Towkay is committed to high quality service and high quality products.

Do contact us to find out more and we will set up a meeting with you to discuss your prawn supplies needs

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