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Apart from Mud Crabs, which are the undisputed kings of Singapore seafood, Crab Towkay also sells Boston Lobsters! These meaty crustaceans are a delight to have on your plate, being much easier to de-shell and with extra chunks of meat in their claws. They are really healthy too! At roughly 115 calories per lobster, you can indulge in 1 or even 2 of them without adding any extra pinch to your belly. Here are some other reasons why Lobsters are a healthy addition to your diet:

Healthy Reason to Eat Lobsters 1: Vitamins
Lobsters contain 6% of the recommended daily allowance for Niacin, 5% for vitamin B6 and 61% for vitamin B12. These vitamins are crucial for metabolism, neurological function, healthy skin maintenance and red blood cell generation. In addition to B vitamins, 1 pound of lobster also supplies 3% of the RDA of vitamin E, which is vital for the absorption of vitamins A and C the prevention of damage to cell membranes.

Healthy Reason to Eat Lobsters 2: Minerals
Lobster contains large amounts of phosphorous, magnesium, potassium and zinc, offering 22%, 10%, 12% and 23% of the RDA, respectively. These minerals aid in cell function, bone health, glucose regulation, energy production and neurological health. In order to stay alert and active throughout the day, we need to have a diet that incorporates all these minerals.

Healthy Reason to Eat Lobsters 3: Protein
1 Pound of Lobster provides 24g of protein! this is good news for those of us who lead an active lifestyle, as protein is important for muscle growth and recovery. It nourishes your bones and cartilage to keep your skeleton strong and also supports the health of your blood. It also provides a significant source of energy. The fat content of lobster is negligible too!

Seafood never fails to impress when it comes to health benefits! Start incorporating lobsters, crabs, and oysters into your diet today and provide your family members with nutritious meals.

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