When it comes to crabs, Singaporeans will tell you that this is definitely one of their favourite seafoods.

Famous for our chilli and cream crabs, Singapore has been known to be one of the food capitals of the world. Brands such as Melben, Jumbo, No signboard are just the few more prominent brands in Tiny Singapore. You turn to any corner, the eateries would definitely cater for some form of crab delicacies. Known as zhi char places, this food stalls cater to all forms of goodies and most of the time crab items are definitely in the menu.

There are quite a number of ways you could enjoy this delicacy, you either have it cooked with black pepper, with cream, with butter and not forgetting the oh so famous way of using chilli to bring out the flavor in crabs.

Even Gordan Ramsay was involved in competing with our local famous brand Jumbo’s head chef in fighting it out on whose chilli crab is better. Source from Crab Supplier Singapore , Crab Towkay.

Crab Towkay is one of the leading crab suppliers in Singapore, for the past few decades, Crab Towkay has been supplying crab supplies to various restaurants in Singapore.

Mud crabs and alaskan crabs are imported fresh and delivered to our customers so that they could prepare the awesome delicacies that you get at their restaurants.

Crab Towkay’s focus on quality is what makes us one of the leading suppliers today. Crab Towkay is also able to provide high quality King Crab Leg Supplies in Singapore.

So if you’re looking for a seafood or crab supplier singapore, you have found the right partner for your business success, do not hesitate to call us up and set an appointment with us and our customer service professionals will keep in contact with you and update you on the latest of our seafood supplies.

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